Saturday, January 10, 2009


So what do you think? Now I got the pattern, for the Angel, from a British Magazine called Paper Crafts. She is created on a pre-made 6.5" x 5" white card that comes with an envelope. I created the Angel a bit bigger, like wings and head, so they can be glued from the back. Now there is one thing I MUST tell you. In the photo, here and in the magazine, she has feet but the template did not. I think they forgot and I did not realized it until I had it all cut, enough for 16 cards. So I was looking at my punches and I have this balloon punch that was the perfect size. I guess I should have scanned the back of her to show you. It's pretty funny, but it worked!! Her eyes are black brads that I have. They are the really small ones. Sorry I don't know the size.

I took the side of my ink pads to all shapes. No I have those little teardrop sizes but it was still hard to do her hair. I used silver for her dress. I also used a brick red on the paper with the flowers on it and a brown I had for that brown paper. lol
The punch you see, on the brown paper, is a Martha Stewart punch/ embosser. I got it on clearance for like $3.00. You can't pass that up!! As for the text, I have rub-on's. Now I needed a Thank You but she is to sweet that you can use her for any reason. In the GSD file I have included the card to size if you need it and all the paper came from those Die Cuts With A View packs from your local store.

Well it's snowing like mad here, in Michigan 40 miles from Detroit, and the lazy mail people here have not picked her up today. So she is freezing her little tootsies outside. I guess she will fly her wings on Monday.

Hope you like her!
Angel Card


AuBien said...

Super cute!

Mima said...

She's adorable and cute as a button. Changing the color on her dress would make it great for Valentine's Day. Can wait to find a sourse of getting this file. Great job, girl! Keep them coming

einnej said...

I love your Angel. She is adorable. I also love your choice of colors.

tonyakaye said...

Thank you for your cute Angel file.

Joanna said...

Thanks, Lisa. She is a cutie.

Lisa said...

Thank you all for the nice words.

Rebecca said...

Your little angel is just adorable!