Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Angel Part 2

Guys, I want you all to know that I got the angel pattern from a British magazine called Paper Craft. They give you the pattern for free and this magazine features one make/creating cards. Some people got a little scared saying it was copyrighted. It maybe, but Im not sure. They do give you this pattern for free knowing that people will create the image. So what you need to do is not sell your creation. The card I made was given to my folks. I did not sell it. Just be careful. If your not sure about something either don't make it or alter it in a way that makes it different from the original.

I also want to let you all know that MOST of my creations are clip art from the web. Again I got the file for free and I am sending them on to you for free. That's why I don't charge for the files. Use all files, from every one's blogs/websites, at your own risk if you are going to sell.

One more thing. You will NEVER see Disney, Warner Bro's., Care Bears or anything like that here. They ARE copyrighted files and these business will and can come after you! I have heard that they are finding people selling things on Ebay like this. It doesn't matter what country you live in, it doesn't matter that your the "little guy." They jusy want their money, and they WILL sue your pants off!

Just a reminder for my friends. Becareful and don't do something you know/feel is not right!


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AuBien said...

Good advice, Lisa!