Thursday, September 18, 2008

Doggie Part 2

Sorry guys!!!!!

I have no idea what happened and where I got that code. You know my computer is a man and it was a full moon on Tuesday. You know full moons are when men get their periods!!! That's why my computer went nuts.

Sorry again and I fixed it. I even downloaded it to see what would happen.

Hugs, Lisa

Oh, click the word DOG on my lats post to get the GSD


Anonymous said...

Lol Lisa, what the heck - he was worth waiting for!!!

Anna x

Anonymous said...

Thankewe!!!! He's really cute.


Joanna said...

He IS really cute. Thanks!

Mima said...

Lisa, love your cute dog, and I know that he'll look good with our family dog. thanks for sharing.

Suzanne said...

Lisa I still can not get him to open it goes the whole way thru till the end then says opps page not found. My pc is in shop could theproblem be with hubbys pc. I got other free files today but not this one thanks and btw the dog is great I love him Suzanne

Jun Bug House said...

I get the same thing at Suzanne..
"Page cannot be found"
I will keep trying, he is too too cute to leave behind.
Thank you