Monday, September 22, 2008

Old Friend


I had an old friend hunt me down the other day. We have not talked in 10 years and we left on sad terms. That's him on the left and I in the center. Who's the guy on the right? Well we wont get into that. lol My old friend's name is Mike and I gave him the nickname of Stanley. Why? There is a story behind it but it's to boring. The main reason is we were 17 and crazy/silly. We were soooo silly that for my B-day he bought me leopard bra and panties so for his B-day I bought him a leopard jock strap. lol I remember he asked me "What he was going to do with it?" Ok don't read on if your a prude! Mike hung it from his cars rear view mirror and put about 3 castetts in it. hahaha CD's were not really around then which is good because I don't think they would fit! lol

OK, just to let you know that this picture was taken June 1990 at our Senior All Night Party

So if you miss your old time friend, try to find them and give them a BIG hello. They might be missing you back!

Thanks for finding me Stanley!
Love Ya, Lisa

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