Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My Newest

My newest creation. I was hoping that the buckle would "slide" but no such luck. I think it's because I made it soooo big. But if I didn't then the text would not have cut, it would have been to small. I used Shamcil font that you can get for free, just Google it. :) I like the way the "S" kinda has that X-mas feel.

Sorry I can't give out the GSD because I used Mary's http://mamawslegacy.wordpress.com/, buckle. Thank's Mary. My family will like this card.

Hope I got your juices flowing and you can create a buckle too.

1 comment:

Mima said...

OMG, Lisa! Once again, you've out did yourself. Love your card! Thanks for sharing! I will get that font for my holiday cards or scrapbook pages. Yes, you got that right, you did put a bug in my ear, and my juices will flow. Its simple, clean and to the point. Your family will love receiving this card. Keep it up! I am wondering what's next, girl!