Saturday, September 13, 2008

Nerd Test.....

I found this test on another site and of course had to try it. I am a 33 which means I am not nerdy but I do not get out much! YUP that's me. I'm married and 36, I don't want to get out much! I did that in high school when I looked good and had a body like DAMN! lol Now I am sick, I take steroids and have "plumped" out. Hey I'm married and if I want to get into my jammies at 3pm I do. If I want to go through the McDonald's drive thru without make-up I do. Isn't that what drive thru is for? So I don't have to wear a bra when I get fast food!!! lol

So all you older, curve-a-tious women join me and say who cares! lol Arn't you a nerd anyways when your child turns 10?

The icon's to the right if you want to find your score.

Hugs, Lisa

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